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Group/Social Outings

Comfortable, personal Cork transport from a family company.

Ever encountered drivers who don’t turn up, or worse, leave someone behind? If your group, office or society is planning an excursion, choose a Cork transport firm that’s reliable, flexible, and patient. Tony McGrath Car and Minibus Hire has been providing punctual Cork transport for years. Our fleet of well-kept, clean and up-to-date vehicles is suited for old and young passengers on business and leisure. A night at the dogs, a paintballing day, clay shooting, or country dancing – whatever you’re planning, we can help!

Our Minibuses are equipped with staggered step entry and handrails for elderly or less able people. Choose from an 8, 16 or 24-seater, all of which come with a driver who’s flexible to your group’s requirements. Need an unscheduled stop to collect a latecomer? It’s no problem. Hire a Tony McGrath minibus, and navigating and parking are off your hands – so the group organiser gets a break too!

Tony McGrath Minibus hire is a local, family company specialising in small group trips and Cork transport. We’re used to helping with itineraries and we can accommodate most additional requirements.

Telephone, fax or email us directly on:

Tel: 00 353 21 4385658
Fax: 0353 21 4385658
Mobile: 00353 87 2549479

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